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Bringing up ideas

Designed by Weinberg & Ruf

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We see ourselves as part of your development team. The sooner we get into a project, the more information we can absorb and bring in our experience. We are gradually developing our ideas and insights. Our clients are continuously involved in the decisions in interim presentations and meetings. Our design team optimizes and documents the work results and discusses new findings with you. Through these iteration steps it is possible to react flexibly to your wishes.

Cross-industry thinking
Cost-optimized planning

Weinberg & Ruf‘s core team consists of high-profile designers, modelers and graphic artists.

Depending on the task, we call in strategic partners as well – for example long-standing engineering specialists from all areas of modern production. Weinberg & Ruf can therefore access a broad-based creative potential to meet any particular wishes.

Design Thinking
User Centered Design

The combination of attractiveness, feasibility and cost-effectiveness result in user-centered innovationsthat can be implemented in the market.

In order to understand user needs and to get to know different experiences, opinions and perspectives, we work closely together with the users. Common views will then be developed in interdisciplinary project teams. Numerous larger and smaller loops through the project phases lead to a steady approach to holistic solutions, which we repeatedly test and evaluate in practice.

Bringing up ideas

Re-inventing a product?
Or improve, update?

Whether design, redesign or styling -
we support you exactly as you wish.


Our designers always pursue a holistic approach to solutions. Therefore, appropriate creative techniques are used beyond intuition and methodology.


We support your development right from the start, with a lot of experience and great commitment. Depending on the task, we add proven strategic partners.


Our company‘s internal organisation guarantees style and quality in every Weinberg & Ruf product design.


We calculate our offers according to your requirements and budgets, depending on the complexity of the task and the scope of the desired services.
Numerous international design awards prove our competence.


"Thank you Burhhardt"

Exhibition from 15 December to 17 January 2018 in the Design Center Baden-Württemberg.

Design studies

Do you have themes and ideas for
a design study?


Designed by Weinberg & Ruf

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